Expanded potential, eXtra vision

The NewTom 5G XL is the only CBCT with the patient in a lying down position that guarantees a combination of minimum X-ray exposure and unparalleled 3D image definition. It also allows 2D and X-ray video imaging. NewTom has now exceeded the limits posed by CT systems.

The 5G XL Advantages

  • Best diagnostic quality: maximum-definition 3D examinations with multiple FOVs and 2D images.
  • Optimal lying down position: the only CBCT system with the patient positioned lying down, a motor-driven patient table and an open gantry.
  • Specialist software: a revolutionary interface makes image display easier and allows for formulation of an immediate diagnosis.
  • Minimum X-ray doses: EcoScan and SafeBeam™ modes safeguard patient health further by allowing diagnostic examinations to be performed with extremely low X-ray emissions.


Clinical cases


The NewTom 5G XL is an effective implant surgery planning tool. The attained 3D images allow for realistic assessment of the implant site and permit a more accurate choice of the implant type to be used.


The NewTom 5G XL is able to produce several types of tomographic, panoramic and cephalometric images in order to execute aesthetic and orthodontic treatment or cure serious pathologies.


CBCT examination is extremely useful for endodontic therapy or periodontic investigation as it provides images that identify every single detail in the treatment zone, allowing determination of the exact pathology and thorough planning of effective treatment.

Maxillofacial surgery

The NewTom 5G XL acquires the entire maxillofacial region within a single volume, allowing the characteristics of the area to be examined completely and accurately to verify the presence of fractures or other pathologies, the characteristics of the bone, the dental arches and the impact of dentition and its roots on both the mandibular canal and the maxillary sinuses.


The NewTom 5G XL improves diagnostics on the temporomandibular joint. 3D rendering images offer outstanding quality and accuracy, thus aiding anatomical assessment of the TMJ and allowing for other key evaluations such as the difference between the height of the condyle and the mandibular branch.

ENT protocols

A single scan with dedicated FOVs allows the user to display all airways, internal ear structures, petrous bones, mastoid bones and paranasal sinuses.


Thanks to the improved spatial resolution of CBCT with respect to MSCT, it is possible to clearly view trabecular and cortical structures to identify any dysplasic, inflammatory, traumatic, micro-traumatic or neoplasic elements that may be the source of neck pain.


A scan carried out with the NewTom 5G XL clearly shows all the details of the upper and lower limb joints.


An innovative function that provides 2-dimensional X-ray images measuring 18x19 cm, suitable for initial examination or post-surgery follow-ups.


Innovative function characterised by the dynamic acquisition of a sequence of X-ray images stored as video; this allows for the investigation of moving anatomical structures.