A new 2D outlook

NewTom GO is a new-concept technological device designed for dental practices that require an easy-to-use, innovative, reliable product that guarantees only the very best diagnostic results.

The GO Advantage

  • Self-adaptive focusing and filters deliver always-perfect diagnostic results.
  • The ECO-PAN protocol and SafeBeam technology reduce exposure times and eliminate the risk of over-estimated dosage.
  • Accurate, patient-guided positioning and ultra-fast scanning are yours at the touch of a button.
  • Simple, fast, intelligent installation ensures NewTom GO is ready to go immediately.

Technical specifications


Adult Panoramic

The standard panoramic programs available on the device can display either the entire area or the specific anatomical zone under investigation, reducing scan times and exposure.

Child Panoramic

NewTom GO also has a specific child protocol to automatically reduce exposure and minimize completion times.

Tempomandibular joint

By selecting the TMJ examination program, four patient projections (two lateral and two postero-anterior) can be obtained in a single scan. The scan can be made with the patient’s mouth open or closed.

Maxillary sinuses

Where analysis of the maxillary sinuses is required, both AP and LL views can be obtained, both characterized by an image layer expressly conceived to provide sharp, detailed frontal or lateral views.