All the potential of NewTom 2D/3D

NewTom GO is an affordable, versatile 2D/3D unit, designed by NewTom to extend the diagnostic capabilities of all dental practices by combining the best 2D performance with the most innovative 3D technology.

The GO 2D/3D Advantage

  • NewTom diagnostic quality: cutting-edge image acquisition technology and advanced NNT software guide the dentist towards precise, accurate diagnosis.
  • Minimum X-ray doses: the ECO Dose (2D ECO Pan, 3D ECO Scan protocols) and SafeBeam™ functions allow emissions to be adapted to effective diagnostic needs, thus safeguarding patient health.
  • Certain results: device ergonomics and software efficiency ensure perfect results every time whatever the diagnostic requirements.
  • Complete connectivity: images can be exported and shared, both inside and outside the surgery, for digital storage and treatment implementation purposes.

Technical specifications


Complete adult dentition

The complete 10x10 cm FOV has an image breadth that is highly suitable for acquiring and displaying upper and lower third molar relationships with the entire dentition in adults, without image quality being affected by metal-caused artifacts or amalgam.

Complete child dentition

The 8x7 cm FOV provides an overall view of the child's dentition. This is highly useful for detailed planning of paediatric orthodontic treatment or the cure of more serious pathologies; on the NewTom GO this feature is optimised by the reduced impact of artifacts.

Complete child/adult upper arch

With 10X6 cm and 8x6 cm FOVs able to be used for analysis of an anatomical part (such as a maxillary sinus with lift suitable for implant insertion), NewTom GO meets the specialists' need to assess the implant site and its density.

Complete child/adult lower arch

The 10x7 cm and 8x7 cm FOVs are designed for analysis of the mandibular region.

Upper and lower local investigation

New Tom GO offers an effective response to the need for a highly detailed view of limited anatomical areas and helps deal with all endodontics and periodontics-related problems; the high resolution and collimation of small 6x7 cm and 6x6 cm FOVs make it a precision diagnostic tool.

Studying adult/child maxillary sinuses

The 10x10 cm and 8x10 cm FOVs are perfect for providing a complete view of maxillary sinuses and relative airways, upper arch included. NewTom GO readily adapts to the user's needs through extremely simple examination execution and processing, with various viewing modes.

Adult panoramic

The standard panoramic programmes provide a complete, accurate view of the dental arches, maxillary sinuses and temporomandibular joints; they also allow restriction of the image to a specific anatomical zone.

Child panoramic

The specific child panoramic protocol with vertical collimation adapts field of view and exposure to patients of paediatric age, thus reducing X-ray dose.

Temporomandibular joint

The TMJ protocol, specifically intended for investigation of the temporomandibular joint, produces four projections with just one examination: two lateral and two posteroanterior, with mouth open or closed.

Maxillary sinuses

The SIN programme for the study of maxillary sinuses allows attainment of frontal and lateral views, optimised thanks to a specially designed focus layer.


Programme for investigation limited to full or partial dentition, with orthogonal projection and increased signal-noise ratio for periodontal checks and highly detailed images.


Program for studying teeth crowns with optimised interproximal projection, collimated at low doses. Quality can be compared to that of an intraoral bitewing, but the examination is less intrusive and more comfortable.