NNT, one software for all your needs

NNT, the software fully developed by NewTom, includes all the applications needed to execute the exam, process 2D/3D images and share them.
A variety of work modes and functions respond to the specific needs of implantology, endodontics, periodontics, maxillofacial surgery and X-ray specialists, allowing treatment to be planned after full, accurate assessment of the case.

The NNT advantage

  • NNT allows the user to select from among various "application modes" based on their specific professional needs. 
  • NewTom images are compatible with most major third-party software programs on the market 
  • The new module dedicated to implant preparation allows the specialist to accurately determine the most suitable type of implant to be inserted, as well as its precise positioning. 
  • The software features a vast library of implant models in order to facilitate the simulation of the surgical procedure. It is even possible to create custom implant mode

NNT & NewTom Implant Planning

NewTom Implant Planning

NIPNewTom Implant Planning is a software package that allows the creation of 3D implant simulation on any PC. It can simulate the implant placement on 2D and 3D models, identify the mandibular canal, draw panoramics and cross sections of the bone model.

It also shows the 3D bone model and calculates the bone density. NewTom Implant Planning is used to plan prosthesis implant surgery in a faster, safer and more efficient way. 

2D & 3D

The software generates 3D panoramic images, cross sections and bone models by reading the axial slices. To make surgery easier, all the patient's key anatomical aspects are identified: the exact position of the implant, any collision points and numerous other clinical factors.

Supported Formats

With NIP it’s possible to work with axial images saved in the DICOM 3.0 format or the NNT format, used on all NewTom devices.