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Superior standard 3D examinations



  • The X-ray generator, the only one of its kind in the world, with rotating anode and a 0.3 mm focal spot, optimises performance by adapting emissions to the specific needs of the examination. It also provides high filtration levels to protect the animal from more harmful radiation types.
  • The large Flat Panel sensor with high signal-noise ratio improves final image quality, while collimation limits exposure to the specific regions of interest.


360┬░ reconstruction

The 360° scan acquires the entire volume with a single rotation. 5G XL rapidly generates a complete dataset of axial, coronal and sagittal images as well as 3D renderings.

eXtra FOV vision

The eXtra FOV function allows the user to examine large anatomical districts longitudinally (Ø15 x 22 cm). The availability of multiple 3D FOVs, from a minimum of Ø6 x 6 cm to a maximum native FOV of Ø21 x 19 cm, optimises image acquisition.

HiRes analysis

The ultra-high spatial resolution of 5G XL returns extremely clear, detailed images, allowing for the clear display of micro-fractures and micrometric anatomical details.