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Outstandingly practical

eXtra Functions

The eXtra FOV function lets users extend the field of view longitudinally to analyse anatomical structures such as the spine and limbs, up to 17x62 cm and 29x56 cm. This is an automated protocol which, via patient table movements, groups together from 2 to 4 FOVs in sequence in a single exam. Multi-scanning is automatic and can be modulated according to clinical requirements.

Cine-Scout Mode

The 22” touch-screen can be used to monitor the scanning flow and display dynamic anatomical structures in real time. This procedure is particularly useful during contrast agent administration. In Cine-Scout mode it is then possible to set up a machine on-board sequential X-ray examination for dynamic analyses, by freely selecting the required projection for capturing. X-ray emission is activated via an external, cable-linked foot control.

Remote Monitoring

The motor-driven table can be conveniently controlled remotely from a capturing station outside the X-ray room - with patient monitoring via a video camera and intercom system on-board the machine. This helps to reduce the exam time because leaving one's workstation is no longer required.


Laser guides simplify patient positioning, ensuring that the area of interest is perfectly aligned. Multi-Scout Vision allows users to view the maximum field of view for each application from 4 perspectives before selecting the most suitable reduced FOV - correctly aligned on the region of interest only - to further limit the X-ray dose.


The 10" control touch-screens used to guide alignment and enter scan settings are located on board the machine, making them easily accessible. A simple, user-friendly interface allows the examination type to be selected in just a few steps. The equipment can include 2 to 4 consoles, with installation on both sides of the gantry, at the front or at the rear.