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A pioneer of CBCT 3D technology in the dental X-ray field, NewTom designs X-ray systems of outstanding diagnostic quality for radiologists and specialised dentists.

Thanks to more than twenty years' experience in R&D, production and distribution, the results obtained by NewTom confirm our commitment to matching the highest levels of excellence and quality.


  • The invention

    NewTom has created the first dental CBCT Cone Beam unit. A device that has radically reshaped the world of dental X-ray imaging - allowing volumetric reconstructions of anatomical parts to be carried out for dentistry and imaging centre applications.

  • The business

    NewTom offers innovative 2D/3D imaging devices designed to revolutionise the world of dental X-ray and maxillofacial diagnostics. X-ray imaging tools whose outstanding performance expand diagnostics prospects by adding enterprising value to dental clinics and X-ray centres. 

  • The patents

    Every day, NewTom confirms its market-leading position thanks to its expertise and know-how established in over twenty years of investment in patents, inventions and models.


  • 1992
    The company QR s.r.l. was founded and started manufacturing bone densitometers, i.e. devices for the measurement of mineral density in bones. The first ideas regarding the creation of a specific CBCT for dental and maxillofacial applications date back to 1992, the year in which QR considered for the first time the possibility of carrying out some research work on a new type of equipment.
  • 1996
    NEWTOM 9000
    Years of research and development led to the production of the first device to use Cone Beam technology for dental applications: NewTom 9000 (known in Italy as Maxiscan), a truly revolutionary product thanks to its much lower exposure and scan time compared to a hospital-type multilayer CT scanner. The patient is placed in a supine position and the operator's work is made easier by the assisted laser positioning system. Its main features are the possibility of processing the data obtained during 3D image scanning, panoramic image reconstruction and a mandibular canal marking option.
  • 2004
    Technologically advanced software for 2D and 3D imaging. NNT, released after two years of internal development, is a turning point for Cone Beam X-ray imaging analysis systems. Powerful and complete, it has traditionally offered a simple, intuitive user interface. Specifically designed for NewTom devices, it also allows reporting documents to be obtained in very quick turnaround times.
  • 2004 bis
    2004 is the year in which the 3G (third generation) device was put on the market. An evolution of NewTom 9000, it has among its strong points the increased number of fields of view (FOV) available to the user, up from one to three (6", 9" and 12"), and the possibility of selecting small regions for accurately targeted examinations. This device has the largest FOV available commercially: the reconstructed volume diameter can reach 20 cm. 3G also enables the creation of various image types: axial, sagittal and coronal slice views, panoramic imaging, teleradiography, transversal slices and 3D images.
  • 2007
    A turning point for the industry is marked by NewTom launching VG (Vertical Generation): the first NewTom vertical model. Designed to actively respond to the limited space availability issues experienced by many clinics, VG is nonetheless in line with the historical mission of the brand - i.e. to provide adequate maxillofacial diagnostic feedback. The main new features introduced by VG are the use of the revolutionary flat panel, reduced Focal Spot dimensions (from 0.5 mm to 0.3 mm) and shorter scan time (from 5 to 3 minutes).
  • 2008
    VG Flex features the same characteristics as VG but with extremely compact dimensions and a short time necessary for warm-up operations.
  • 2009
    In 2009 NewTom VG became NewTom VGi (Vertical Generation Improved). The new HiRes Zoom scan mode allowing 3D images to be reconstructed with a voxel size of 0.075 mm, the improved resolution and the reduction of 2D image thickness make it possible to obtain more accurate measurements and planning. The image capturing fields available to the user, increased with respect to the previous model and available in a 6x6 cm to 15x15 cm range, are designed to improve the diagnostic response to every issue related to the head and neck area.
  • 2011
    5G, launched in 2011, marks a true milestone in the field of 3D radiology. Thanks to modern design, spacious scanning unit and patient supine positioning during the scan, it allows new application fields to be explored. 5G is a multi-FOV piece of equipment and as such, it is suitable for performing scans in numerous anatomical areas, including dental, maxillofacial, ENT and cervical structures, limbs, extremities and small joints. The device is also suitable for use in veterinary clinics.
  • 2012
    Between 2011 and 2012, NewTom launched the revolutionary medical table which, combined with 5G, has allowed the development and application of Cone Beam technology in the medical field. The result of research work involving engineers and users, this medical examination table allows for extremely successful scans that require supine patient positioning.
  • 2013
    The fruit of NewTom's expertise, GiANO was created in 2013 to combine advanced technology and a competitive price. Acknowledged as one of the most competitive hybrids on the market, GiANO allows specialists to perform a wide range of scans: 3D, 2D, cephalometry and carpal imaging. Its main features are the easy upgrade from 2D to 3D and CEPH configurations, short scan time and extremely sharp and accurate images.
  • 2014
    VGi evo
    Detailed viewing accuracy, superior scanning technology. The most complete CBCT technology for 3D scanning, panoramic imaging, teleradiography and 2D sequential X-ray imaging. Multiple FOVs up to 24 x 19 cm for complete Head & Neck 3D diagnostics and 2D examinations in a single scan. 
  • 2015
    GO is the newly developed technological device designed for dental clinics looking for an accessible, innovative, reliable product that can guarantee top diagnostic results.
  • 2016
    5G XL
    5G XL is the innovative device, featuring lying-down patient positioning, able to offer high resolution volumetric images with extra low X-ray doses.
    Top quality CBCT for new medical applications.
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