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Excellence in 3D


The aMAR (autoadaptive Metal Artifact Reduction) algorithm clearly shows the anatomical structures even when there are metal objects, such as amalgam or implants, that would impair image quality. This software function recognises the metal elements present and automatically generates an additional set of better quality images for a clearer view with artifacts reduced to a minimum.

Complete child/adult superior arch

Volumes with FOV 8 x 6 cm and 10 x 6 cm produce images of localised anatomical districts, such as, for example, a maxillary sinus with suitable lift to insert an implant. The ideal solution in the field of implantology to assess both implant site and bone density.

Complete child/adult lower arch

The 8 x 7 cm and 10 x 7 cm FOVs are designed for analyses of the mandibular region. In the case of impacted canines, where it is necessary to assess their relationship with the mandibular canal and adjacent anatomical structures, the advanced image acquisition and processing functions allow to easily and rapidly highlight the slices of interest.

Upper and lower local investigations

With FOVs 6 x 7 cm and 6 x 6 cm, scans can be performed with very high resolution to clearly see even the smallest detail. This mode is especially indicated for endodontic and periodontic applications.

Studying adult/child maxillary sinuses

Complete view of maxillary sinuses and of upper airways, including the superior dental arch, using FOV 10 x 10 cm and 8 x 10 cm.