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Minimum dose, maximum diagnostic quality

Combining technology, performance and safety


Given the nature of a cephalometric examination, often used in cases of pedodontics, NewTom has developed a protocol that minimises the X-ray dose to which the patient is exposed. With a scan time limited to just 3.7 seconds, the patient benefits from minimal X-ray exposure and an extremely short time inside the device. In addition to the scanning mode, the longer ear guards protect the child’s thyroid from unnecessary exposure during the examination.


NewTom, ever keen on patient health, was the first to use pulsed emission with CBCT technology applied to dental imaging, thus considerably reducing the dose of radiations emitted during 3D examinations. The introduction of the 3D ECO SCAN protocol (ultra rapid scan of only 6.4 seconds and actual emission time of only 1.6 seconds) provides the ideal solution for post-surgery follow-up examinations and for all situations where the X-ray dose must be kept to a minimum. Instead, the 3D aFOV (adaptive FOV) function allows the size of the radiated anatomical district to be limited in order to adapt to the different morphological features of adults and children or to simply perform sectional examinations up to a 6 x 6 cm FOV, with a minimum effective dose in ECO mode of 9 μSv.


GO 2D/3D offers several PAN software options with variable collimation for adults and children, dedicated image acquisition for the dentition area only and bitewing views.
The ECO PAN protocol allows an ultra rapid scan to be performed (6.6 seconds) to further reduce the radiation dose down to 5 μSv. Versatile, high quality 2D diagnoses with limited emission.