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Giano HR

Unlimited diagnostic potential

GiANO HR is NewTom’s versatile and updatable device for all radiology-related needs. With a complete range of 2D and 3D examination options for dentistry, it offers specific multiple volumetric examinations for maxillofacial surgery, otorhinolaryngology and cervical spine examinations. Only top quality imaging with NewTom’s technology and experience.


2D/3D CEPH Integrated Imaging

High quality images that meet a wide range of clinical diagnostic needs, all in one compact device.
GO 2D/3D/CEPH is a flexible platform that comes ready for the optional integration of the teleradiographic arm in a 2D or 3D configuration. Able to provide high resolution images, the platform prioritises patient health thanks to low exposure protocols and exclusive SafeBeamTM technology, which lets users adapt the dose to their actual diagnostic needs and the size of the scanned anatomical area. Excellent ergonomics and an adaptive alignment system ensure correct positioning of the patient and perfect focusing for clear, detailed images. A virtual control panel guides the operator through each stage of the examination. NNT is the technologically advanced software platform to manage, process, consult and share diagnostic images.

3Di TS

3D Impression Table Top Scanner

Increase productivity while improving quality. Combines high precision with fast scanning, essential requirements for the management of digital streams in modern dental applications.


The ultimate 3D

NewTom 5G XL is the innovative device that provides highly detailed volumetric images.
The only CBCT device with lying-down patient positioning, it maximises stabilisation and offers a broad range of FOVs, resulting in ultra-high quality 2D and 3D X-ray images that are perfect for multiple medical fields: dental-maxillofacial diseases, otorhinolaryngology applications, complete analysis of airways and examination of joints, bones and the cervical spine.


Cutting-Edge CBCT

Suitable for radiologists and orthopaedic, otolaryngology and dentistry specialists, NewTom 7G lets you capture accurate information on bone tissues - micro- structures included - to gain an in-depth understanding of the overall clinical picture. NewTom 7G, then, boosts the diagnostic capacity of the surgery and, at the same time, optimises analysis of treatment outcomes, all at low dosages and lower costs compared to conventional procedures.


Evolved 3D Imaging

VGi EVO, the versatile and efficient device that offers technology, safety, comfort and a broad range of FOVs for acquisitions up to 24 x 19 cm. A wide range of volumetric, panoramic and teleradiographic examinations as well as dynamic X-rays for perfect diagnoses in all situations.


Perfect Vision

NewTom goes from strength to strength with the new X-VS E intraoral sensor. Two different sizes ensure the best diagnostic results for both adults and children. Thinner than previous sensors. X-ray dose remaining equal, greater sensitivity delivers more clearly defined images, illustrating details as small as coronal microfractures. More comfortable for the patient and more liquidresistant, the X-VS E sensor provides dentists with a valuable high-quality diagnostics tool.