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One year after the NewTom Forum, a video and a year of news.

Newtom forum

Just one year ago we celebrated 20 years of NewTom, a two-day event in a wonderful environment in and around Verona, one of Italy’s historical and romantic locations. We took a look back at the countless innovations that marked two decades, each a milestone in the short history of our brand. From the "NewTom QR-DVT 9000 or Maxiscan" to the latest equipment for dental surgeries and healthcare facilities such as the NewTom 5G XL or the VGi EVO.

Honoured by the presence of many illustrious speakers, high profile scientists and our key partners, not to mention the three founders and inventors of the NewTom CBCT, Gianmaria Tommasi, Pierluigi Mozzo and Attilio Tacconi, the event merged the interest of a scientific convention with the pleasure of opera at the Arena and Italian culinary delights.

As a way of recalling such a successful event, we have published this short video which will bring the experience to life after a year has passed. And what has happened in a year since the Forum?

Let’s start by saying that 2016 was another year in which our sales grew, especially in the Italian and Chinese markets. Our partners in Spain have made remarkable progress since the Forum, closing significant deals for the VGi EVO and 5G XL medical imaging systems. Thanks to the scientific information shared during the Forum, many of our customers have successfully experimented applications not linked to dentistry. This includes orthopaedics, ENT applications and above all exams and diagnostics which regard bone tissues. The Forum was extremely important for our product development strategy. Understanding market demands from the key players in terms of end-users is priceless information. This has helped us shape our strategy over the last year and promises to reward both us and our customers in the future with products and software solutions tailored to real professional needs. Furthermore, we witnessed yet again how valuable it is to share our activities with the customers who will use our products. Often we benefit from their insight into future applications, improving what has already been achieved.

Above all the Forum was a way to bring our team together with the people that count; it elevated the brand perception and gave everyone a chance to experience the real flavour of NewTom, a pioneer consolidating its position as an innovator in its field.

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