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VGi evo

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The most complete maxillofacial/ent CBCT.

Detailed viewing accuracy, superior scanning technology. Multiple FOVs up to 24 x 19 cm for complete Head&Neck 3D diagnostics and 2D examinations in a single scan. The CineX function offers a dynamic view of moving structures. The dose radiated to the patient can be considerably reduced with the ECO Scan mode.

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Anatomical areas

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  • Broad-Ranging Diagnosis

    The best images in a single scan of the whole Head&Neck area, from the cervical to the maxillofacial region, including ears and complete upper airways.


  • Maximum versatility

    A unique device for the best volumetric, panoramic and teleradiographic investigations as well as 2D X-ray sequences.


  • Comfort and performance

    Easy and comfortable patient positioning with the patented head support unit for excellent image quality.

  • ECO Dose

    The result of NewTom’s twenty-year long experience, ECO Scan mode allows quality diagnoses with the minimum dose of radiations to safeguard the patient’s health.


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