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NewTom 7G - new diagnostic horizons for veterinary clinics


Perfect for veterinary clinics looking to broaden their diagnostic capacity, NewTom 7G lets users perform 3D exams with multiple FOVs and static/dynamic 2D exams. What’s more, the broad gantry allows examination of large animals. Compared to conventional procedures, the system optimises analysis of treatment outcomes (by using low X-ray doses, always in proportion to animal size and exam type) and lowers costs. Automatisms streamline the positioning process and optimise exposure. Moreover, advanced software caters to the needs of multiple specialisations by providing specific reconstruction windows.

From in-depth detail to the big picture

With 7G, Cone Beam technology can be applied to all body areas, including abdomen, thorax and full limb length. Functions and automatisms adapt the FOV and X-ray dose according to animal size, the area to be examined and the diagnostic query. Adaptive FOVs - from a minimum of 4x4 cm to a maximum diameter of 29 cm - and lengths of up to 62 cm allow examination of the entire area of interest or just a portion of it. With a resolution of up to 90 µm, users can analyse complex structures such as joints to detect hairline fractures or osteochondral lesions.

Wide gantry and motor-driven patient table 

Moreover, NewTom 7G is suitable for large patients as it has a 77 cm gantry and a motor-driven table with a maximum load capacity of 215 kg. Integration of motor-driven table and gantry makes positioning and FOV alignment easier and lets users capture different sectors, which are subsequently merged by the software.

Broader diagnostic range

NewTom 7G lets veterinary clinics manage a wide range of specialist examinations independently, such as:

  • Panoramic images, dental arches, full 3D skull images

  • Upper airways and lung assessment

  • Complete limbs and spinal column

  • Thorax and internal organs

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