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Unlimited diagnostic potential with GiANO HR


Powerful and versatile, GiANO HR is the only device  you need for 2D and 3D examinations for dentistry, maxillofacial surgery and otorhinolaryngology. Images with the highest resolution on the market, patented algorithms, a user-friendly 10” touchscreen control panel and NewTom’s NNT software suite help dentists achieve precise diagnostic results.

Three easy-to-upgrade 3D configurations cover a dental surgeon’s needs, as and when they evolve. 3D PRIME - 10 x 8 cm is suited to all dental diagnosis and implant planning needs. 3D ADVANCED - 13 x 16 cm offers a broader field of view from maximum endodontic resolution to complete otorhinolaryngological analysis. 3D PROFESSIONAL - 16 x 18 cm ensures maximum Head&Neck diagnostic performance to investigate the entire dental-maxillofacial area and cervical spine.
Furthermore, an exclusive 3D-XF (eXtra Functions) mode uses trajectories close to anatomic structures, allowing  68µm-resolution images: ideal for capturing every detail, especially in endodontic applications. 

Ongoing research into ways of ensuring patient health and safety have led NewTom to pioneer low-dose protocols. SafeBeamTM technology and servo-assisted alignment minimise X-ray doses and a choice of three different emission levels lets users adjust X-ray dosage according to actual diagnostic needs.

Panoramic imaging is made effective thanks to special auto-adaptive filtering technology and the teleradiographic set-up benefits from a relocatable sensor used for both PAN and CEPH needs. The highly sensitive CMOS sensor and the innovative X-ray tube ensure ground-breaking 2D image quality. With GiANO HR, unparalleled imaging quality is the common denominator in all examination circumstances.