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RX DC Wireless

Positioning freedom and high-definition intraoral imaging


Maximum ergonomics

Thanks to the protractor with graduated scale, arm and tube head positioning is stable, effective and just right for the task.
Made of extruded aluminium and featuring an integrated self-balancing device, allowing them to be pointed in 6 directions, the arms are available in the following lengths: 40, 60 and 90 cm, making installation as simple as possible.

Optimal definition

Increased X-ray parallelism and an incorporated collimator allow the RXDC to achieve a source-to-skin distance of 30 cm.
The RXDC provides pin-sharp, precise images with outstanding detail.

Wireless Control

The efficiency of wireless technology with maximum simplicity of use. The wireless controller frees users from the limits posed by on-machine control panels or wall-mounted controls.
It is equipped with a button for ultra-fast shooting (fraction of a second) and two simple settings which make it easy to select the most suitable X-ray acquisition programme.