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Advanced 3D veterinary imaging

NewTom 5G XL, a CBCT device incorporating unique technology, guarantees advanced top-level diagnostics by maximising patient stability and providing a broad selection of FOVs, resulting in 3D and 2D images of the very highest quality. CBCT technology combines low X-ray doses with high spatial resolution: the outstanding quality of 5G XL images allows veterinary specialists to identify pathologies and fractures that would otherwise be unidentifiable. Patient health - enhanced by the ECO Dose mode and exclusive SafeBeam™ technology - is a key design priority.


Cutting-edge CBCT

With NewTom 7G, Cone Beam technology can be applied to all body areas, including the abdomen, chest and full length of limbs. Moreover, NewTom 7G is suitable for medium patient sizes thanks to a high-capacity motor-driven patient table (max 215 kg). At the same time, NewTom 7G has all the functions and automatisms needed to adapt FOVs and X-ray doses to the patient's size.