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Advanced 3D veterinary imaging

NewTom 5G XL, a CBCT device incorporating unique technology, guarantees advanced top-level diagnostics by maximising patient stability and providing a broad selection of FOVs, resulting in 3D and 2D images of the very highest quality. CBCT technology combines low X-ray doses with high spatial resolution: the outstanding quality of 5G XL images allows veterinary specialists to identify pathologies and fractures that would otherwise be unidentifiable. Patient health - enhanced by the ECO Dose mode and exclusive SafeBeam™ technology - is a key design priority.

Combining Technology and Performance

Ultra-high definition volumetric images with native isotropic voxel resolution and minimal artifact presence. Thanks to CBCT technology, 5G XL offers fast scanning and extremely contained X-ray doses, increasing safety for both operator and patient and ensuring a more efficient workflow. The outstanding versatility of 5G XL makes it the perfect device for otorhinolaryngological and muscular-skeletal diagnoses, with or without radiocontrast agents, for complete upper airway analysis and for the investigation of dental and maxillofacial pathologies.

Device designed for excellent performance.

The NewTom 5G XL is characterised by a motor-driven, carbon fibre patient table. Controlled via a panel on the machine, it ensures comfortable, easy access to the gantry for operator and patient alike.

Simplicity and speed of use for outstanding quality in the veterinary field.

SafeBeam™ is an exclusive function that uses the patient’s anatomy as a starting point for automatic calculation of the dose needed to obtain optimal image quality. Thanks to SafeBeam™, obtaining ultra-high quality diagnostic images has never been easier and faster. Moreover, dedicated protocols such as ECO Scan and Ray2D allow for fast performance of examinations in specific modes, thus preventing any loss of time or energy.

  • ECO Scan
  • SafeBeam™
  • Ray2D

Ray2D and CineX

With the innovative Ray2D function, it’s possible to generate 2D X-ray images (FOV 18 x 19 cm) that are suitable for both preliminary and post-surgery follow up examination.
Right on the cutting edge of X-ray imaging, NewTom 5G XL includes the exclusive CineX function for the analysis of moving anatomical structures. A sequence of X-ray images, with FOV 18 x 19 cm, is used to produce a video of the patient that can be exported in proprietary, .avi or DICOM 3.0 format.

Very high resolution 3D and 2D images and a broad range of FOVs make the device suitable for a vast selection of clinical applications.

Numerous clinical applications in the veterinary field:

  • Ray2D

To ensure maximised workflow smoothness, the Di.V.A. digital virtual assistant provides data and usage statistics to plan workloads and maintenance.

The Easy Check tool also ensures continuous remote technical monitoring, to facilitate maintenance scheduling and anticipate the resolution of any critical issues.