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NewTom celebrates 25 years of excellence and innovation

In 1996 the first Cone Beam computed tomography device was created in the "QR" NewTom laboratories: it was "NewTom QR-DVT 9000", the forerunner and cornerstone of all X-ray units based on Cone Beam technology. This invention marked a breakthrough in the clinical and scientific world. Compared to traditional technologies, the Cone Beam CT has made technical and diagnostic assets available to medical professionals world-wide, ensured a lower dose impact to protect the patients' health and provided easier access to diagnostic imaging for all professionals.

Today, 25 years after its launch, there are several dozen manufacturers world-wide, a variety of such devices available on the market and almost 2000 scientific publications per year. 

Over the past 25 years, NewTom's research and development, which has always been synonymous with a strong innovative drive in the field of dental and medical radiology, has implemented significant improvements, reaching a very high standard of head and neck diagnostic quality and expanding the scope of its applications to all anatomical districts of the human body with outstanding results.

With the aim of sharing the most advanced clinical applications and the most recent technological discoveries in this area within the community of Cone Beam CT technology users, NewTom in collaboration with Vita-Salute San Raffaele University organises "NEWTOM FORUM", a scientific event with 14 internationally renowned speakers, aimed at presenting the most recent developments of the CBCT technology in the clinical and scientific fields to dentistry, maxillofacial, ENT, orthopedics and radiology specialists. 

NewTom Forum will give access to excellent contributions and allow high-profile experiences and views to be shared, celebrating the past while looking forward to the future - with its promise of innovation and success.” For NewTom and its creators, the focus is on the product as not only the key asset but also the magical ingredient in the development process. 

The event will be accessible free of charge to all industry professionals who may attend personally (classroom attendance in limited numbers) or through online channels.

To register for the event, visit