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Perfect Vision

RXDC efficiency stems from a combination of advanced technology and an outstanding capacity to produce high definition images. The RXDC X-ray unit provides top-flight performance, practicality and technology. The RXDC features a constant potential high frequency (DC) generator and a very small focal spot (0.4 mm) capable of providing sharp, detailed images while ensuring working comfort and low doses for the patient. Higher performance with RXDC, the X-ray unit that combines high definition imaging, ergonomic design and low X-ray doses.


Perfect Vision

Innovative ergonomics, direct USB plug-and-play connection, high definition and immediate results make the X-VS with HR technology the most advanced and suitable sensor for your surgery. Simplicity of use and image acquisition - combined with advanced real-time digital technology - improve quality of work.

NewTom X-PSP


NewTom X-PSP is the CR (Computed Radiography) system that combines advanced digital diagnostic technology with the advantages of traditional film plates. Stylish and compact, the system is fast and simple to use. In just a few seconds, the X-PSP reader can import and digitalize every image from the relative phosphorous film plates in rapid sequence, allowing their immediate display on PC or, via the app, on an iPad. Images are high resolution, a must for reliable diagnosis.

NewTom DCiS


NewTom DCiS is the most advanced wireless intraoral sensor as it integrates direct conversion (DC) technology. Thanks to this innovative 2D imaging system, NewTom DCiS is able to deliver very high definition images at low X-ray doses, for extremely accurate diagnoses.