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New model

NewTom X-PSP



NewTom X-PSP is the CR (Computed Radiography) system that combines advanced digital diagnostic technology with the advantages of traditional film plates. Stylish and compact, the system is fast and simple to use. In just a few seconds, the X-PSP reader can import and digitalize every image from the relative phosphorous film plates in rapid sequence, allowing their immediate display on PC or, via the app, on an iPad. Images are high resolution, a must for reliable diagnosis.

Complete range of dental diagnostic applications

The X-PSP system is the ideal tool for all clinical dental applications: endodontics, prostheses and implant surgery, periodontics and caries diagnosis. It reliably provides the very best high definition images with a resolution of 34 pixel/mm.
Once the plate of the selected size is positioned in the oral cavity, the X-rays are taken and, where applicable, the network-linked reader is reserved. Inserting the plates in the reader one at a time, the high definition images are acquired and then transferred to the local PC and/or sent to the client who reserved the reader; images can immediately be consulted, shared and saved with NNT software or another viewer, printed and e-mailed.

Innovative NewTom ApT (Adaptive Picture Treatment) filters have been developed to allow ever-more effective. accurately targeted diagnosis.

Thanks to proprietary algorithms optimized for phosphor film plates, this function provides, with each acquisition, a set of images (up to 5) that has been specifically improved to highlight anatomical details with different levels of sharpness. With NNT software, X-PSP lets the dentist adopt more advanced, versatile image processing filters in Adaptive MultiVision mode.

Smart Acquisition

X-PSP applies automatic plate size recognition technology to speed up the acquisition process. The plate consists of a phosphor layer and a magnetic layer that speeds up the reading process with an automatic acquisition sequence start. Plate size recognition is also automatic; the plate is extracted from its protective wrapping inside the reader, shielding it from any exposure to light or hand contact. The highly dynamic system and the correction of any over- or under-exposure minimise the risk of having to do a rescan.

Designed to take up as little surgery space as possible

The X-PSP is suitable for any surgery. It can be placed on a horizontal worktop or wall-mounted with a bracket.
The removable drawer has been designed to maximise reader compactness also when it is installed and the 45° angle of the upper part of the device makes plate insertion easier.
Phosphor plates ensure the same flexibility of use and comfort as dental film. They also have the clear advantage of being reusable and ensuring excellent, long-lasting diagnostic quality.

X-PSP optimises workflows in multi-room dental surgeries

Thanks to adaptive Multi-User Technology, the remote read system (connected to the server) can be managed with reservations made directly from the workstation alongside the patient chair (client PC). The patient is defined by a name and the colour of the surgery. Available in iCapture, an app automatically saves a series of remotely scanned images in the medical record of the patient pre-selected in NNT from the surgery from which the reservation is made. These images will be displayed immediately on the PC next to the patient.


Maximum connectivity and integration thanks to the modern systems adopted by NewTom. Ever-simpler, better- performing clinical and diagnostic workflows.

A fully automated workflow for fast diagnosis. Import data from any LAN workstation thanks to the ETHERNET connection. Saves and displays captured images on the PC using NNT - the all-in-one dental diagnostic software - with the convenient iPad viewer app or with any other control programme or image viewer with a TWAIN or DICOM interface.