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Innovative ergonomics, direct USB plug-and-play connection, high definition and immediate results make the X-VS with HR technology the most advanced and suitable sensor for your surgery. Simplicity of use and image acquisition - combined with advanced real-time digital technology - improve quality of work.

For high quality low dose dental diagnostics.

Available in two sizes for maximum adaptability to the dimensions of the patient’s oral cavity. Excellent working comfort and positioning, ensured by ergonomic sensors with rounded corners. A set of innovative filters allows customised tests to be carried out to improve the diagnostic vision.


Ergonomic design, rounded corners and a flexible lead make the X-VS a practical, ergonomic and intelligent sensor.

Designed to adapt perfectly to the anatomy of the oral cavity, X-VS maximises both the active area and positioning comfort. Ergonomic positioners ensure optimal sensor placement. X-VS maintains a perfect combination of first-rate comfort and cutting-edge technology Patient comfort is ensured by ergonomics and automatic acquisition, helping real-time diagnostics: it also allows the dentist/assistant to be always next to the patient for an uninterrupted workflow.

Multivision for real-time quality diagnosis.

With X-VS the captured images are immediately displayed. Quick and easy sharing, communication and storage for an optimised workflow. Following acquisition, images are loaded directly onto the PC. From here they can be consulted, printed and shared via the iPad App** or a free image viewer.