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NNT - Medical Suite

The ultimate platform to acquire, process and share 2D/3D diagnostic images.

User-friendly 2D/3D imaging software for integrated management of X-ray examinations and patient images. Simplifies consultation and diagnostics thanks to real-time image display (images also viewable on iPad).

NewTom’s NNT software offers all functions required to perform, process, display and share 2D and 3D examinations. NNT also provides different application modes and functions specifically intended to plan the best treatment for implantology, endodontics, periodontics and radiology applications as well as maxillofacial surgery.

Complete connectivity

Excellent connectivity and integration with the modern systems adopted by NewTom. Workflow and clinical and diagnostic activities become much easier and highly performing.


Complete view of the dental arches in cross sections to check shape, size and status of maxillary and mandibular bones and teeth.


Dynamic high resolution examination of the internal ear along non-orthogonal planes is essential to diagnose any diseases of the ossicular chain, stapes’ base, semicircular canals, cochlea and adjacent structures.


Simultaneous view of both temporomandibular joints for symmetrical analysis and detection of problems or dysfunctions deriving from joint diseases.


Creation of multiple image samples in Med-Like style with personalised orientation for the various assessments of anatomical districts, whose images have been acquired.

Specialist NNT Tools

Dedicated tools to underpin diagnoses and treatment plan.

NNT includes all the applications needed to execute the examination, process 2D/3D images and share them. A variety of work modes and functions respond to the specific needs of implantology, endodontics, periodontics, maxillofacial surgery and radiology, allowing treatment to be planned after full, accurate assessment of the case.

Implant site assessment

Bone density estimate in a potential implant site, with Misch scale classification, to correctly plan treatment.

Airway volume analisys

Estimating the actual upper airway space is essential to diagnose respiratory diseases and sleep apnea (OSA).

2D and 3D Evaluation

The possibility to evaluate distances on 2D sections or with 3D rendering to verify any joint problems.

Advanced reports

Advanced writing of medical reports to share on PACS, also available in automatic compiling mode.

NNT VIEWER (Devide&App)

The NNT software is characterised by user-friendliness and efficiency.

It offers a rich set of tools for the management and sharing of diagnostic images, responding to typical clinical dentistry requirements. The 2D examination gallery is also compatible, via a free viewer, with iPad systems ensuring even more extensive accessibility.

Creating NNT Viewer and exporting examination data in DICOM format are always guaranteed and included in the software. The NNT software is also compatible with the MAC platform through Parallels Desktop. Specialist/patient communication as well as communication with professionals who use other software is therefore guaranteed.


NNT: CERTIFIED SOFTWARE NNT has been awarded ISDP©10003 certification, an international standard for assessing compliance with EU Regulation 2016/679 concerning the protection of individuals' personal data processing rights