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NewTom 7G - new horizons in 3D medical X-ray imaging


Precision, speed and simplicity of use. Safety for patient and X-ray technician. Reduced total cost of ownership. These are the benefits of the first Multi-Scan Body CBCT developed by NewTom. 

Suitable for radiologists and orthopaedic, otolaryngology and dentistry specialists, NewTom 7G lets you capture accurate information on bone tissues - micro-structures included - to gain an in-depth understanding of the overall clinical picture. Compared to conventional procedures, the system optimises analysis of treatment outcomes (by using low X-ray doses, always in proportion to build) and lowers costs. Automatisms optimise workflows and avoid the variability and uncertainty inherent in manual examination control, especially during patient positioning and actual exposure.

From in-depth detail to the big picture.
With the arrival of 7G, Cone Beam technology can be used to examine all anatomical areas, spine, shoulder and hip included. System functions and automatisms adapt FOVs and X-ray doses to the patient's build (especially those of paediatric age). From a minimum of 4x4 cm to a maximum diam. of 29 cm, and a length that can be extended up to 62 cm, adaptive FOVs let users examine the area of interest or a portion of it. A resolution of up to 90 µm means small complex structures such as the inner ear can be analysed with precision.

Wide gantry and motor-driven patient table 
In addition to a 77 cm gantry, the 7G can accommodate very heavy patients thanks to a bed with a load-bearing capacity of up to 215 kg. Lying-down patient positioning ensures simple, accurate alignment of the FOVs and makes results more certain by weighting X-ray exposure.

 Broader diagnostic range
NewTom 7G can perform numerous types of investigation, including those with intra-articular contrast agents (e.g. arthrograms with Cine-Scout positioning). A broad series of exams with dedicated protocols is available for all disciplines:

  • Orthopaedics - osteo-articular study with multiplanar view 

  • Otorhinolaryngology - ear and airways volume analysis 

  • Dentistry, implant and orthognathic surgery - dental-maxillofacial and bilateral TMJ analysis.