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2D/3D CEPH Integrated Imaging


High quality images that meet a wide range of clinical diagnostic needs, all in one compact device.
GO 2D/3D/CEPH is a flexible platform that comes ready for the optional integration of the teleradiographic arm in a 2D or 3D configuration. Able to provide high resolution images, the platform prioritises patient health thanks to low exposure protocols and exclusive SafeBeamTM technology, which lets users adapt the dose to their actual diagnostic needs and the size of the scanned anatomical area. Excellent ergonomics and an adaptive alignment system ensure correct positioning of the patient and perfect focusing for clear, detailed images. A virtual control panel guides the operator through each stage of the examination. NNT is the technologically advanced software platform to manage, process, consult and share diagnostic images.

Diagnostic images

Solutions developed to maximise examination quality, from positioning systems to automated collimation.

GO 2D/3D has a single native 16-bit sensor that produces 2D and 3D images with thousands of grey levels. Image quality is ensured by advanced algorithms and protocols and by high- tech image sequencing. The high frequency, pulsed- emission generator adjusts exposure to obtain the best scans with a minimum dose.
Moreover, the cephalometric exam collimation system is based on automatic movement of the turret, which rotates and lowers the sensor, creating an opening for the X-rays directed at the 2D sensor on the teleradiographic arm.

Top quality 2D imaging obtained through many advanced functions for more effective diagnostics.

It supplies detailed images thanks to the sensitivity of the newly developed CMOS sensor. GO 2D/3D offers quick and accurate diagnoses with several image acquisition software options designed to obtain high quality 2D images for all diagnostic needs. Excellent, clear and detailed panoramic images with ApT (Autoadaptive picture Treatments) technology. The aPAN (adaptive PAN) function allows five layers of panoramic images to be captured in a single scan in order to choose the most suitable one for the scope of the examination.

Clinical potential extended to meet all 2D diagnostic requirements through the CEPH arm.

Compact and available with relocatable PAN-CEPH sensor, the CEPH extension is equipped with a dedicated head support unit with two available side rod lengths. The CEPH application can be integrated at the time of purchase, but also retrofitted on equipment supplied in CEPH Ready version. All examinations are performed according to dedicated protocols for adults and children, optimised to reduce patient exposure based on actual scanning requirements. Accurate assessments before the application of dental braces, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and maxillary sinus imaging, lateral and frontal teleradiographs.

Detail-rich volumes for every clinical need while safeguarding patient health.

NewTom GO generates outstanding volumetric images and for each FOV, ranging from 6 x 6 to 10 x 10 cm. A choice of 3 protocols allows the required X-ray dose to be adapted to specific needs: from very low for quick scans required by surgical follow-up checks, through regular for treatment planning, to a very high level of detail for the analysis of micro-structures.

Advanced protocols and systems to reduce the radiated dose to a minimum.

Top quality imaging with a very low dose of radiations. Protocols defined by NewTom research in over 20 years of experience allow to automatically adapt exposure based on the anatomical characteristics of the patient, on the anatomical district examined and on actual diagnostic needs.


Excellent comfort for fast and stable positioning of the patient.

Designed to ensure excellent positioning of the patient, GO 2D/3D allows to rapidly find the correct position for examinations that are always perfect. The self-adaptive functions of GO 2D/3D allow to perform accurate examinations with top quality, diagnostically valuable images.
The operator has tools for patient positioning and guided alignment to obtain perfect focusing.


Extensive sharing and processing power with the ultimate imaging platform.

NewTom’s NNT software offers all functions required to perform, process, display and share 2D and 3D examinations. NNT also provides different application modes and functions specifically intended to plan the best treatment for implantology, endodontics, periodontics and radiology applications as well as maxillofacial surgery.