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Evolved 3D Imaging


VGi EVO, the versatile and efficient device that offers technology, safety, comfort and a broad range of FOVs for acquisitions up to 24 x 19 cm. A wide range of volumetric, panoramic and teleradiographic examinations as well as dynamic X-rays for perfect diagnoses in all situations.

Diagnostic images

The technologically elements that form the innovative image chain of VGi evo carry the performance of CBCT devices to a new level:

  • the ultimate large sensor allows to examine a volume up to 24 x 19 cm with increased signal-noise ratio;
  • the generator with rotating anode and 0.3 mm focal spot allows to obtain very high definition images to see details and microstructures that cannot be investigated with standard technological devices;
  • reconstruction algorithms and image processing, the result of NewTom’s twenty years of experience, allow to rapidly obtain exceptional 2D and 3D images.

Complete FOV range for perfect 3D volumes in all situations.

VGi evo is a versatile and effective device with several examination modes dedicated to an extensive selection of clinical applications. The choice of field of view determines the expanse of the anatomical district analysed. VGi evo complies with international standards based on the “ALARA” (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) principle, whose purpose is to reduce the dose absorbed by the patient by selecting the most suitable FOV for the anatomical region of interest.


Panoramic and cephalometric examinations for a precise and complete view.

The innovative VGi evo technology includes a low dose CBCT scan that has been specially developed for combined use with the patented Sharp 2D function, which generates a complete set of 2D images for diagnostic screening and post-surgery follow-up examinations. Furthermore, the CineX mode offers the specialist physician a dynamic view of moving joints and internal structures.

Functional features and design that facilitate relations and diagnosis.

VGi evo offre massima ergonomia e stabilità durante la scansione. Il craniostato brevettato, grazie a 7 punti di appoggio consente l’accesso rapido e il posizionamento naturale del paziente. Tre linee laser indicano con precisione i riferimenti dell’area di interesse. Grazie allo specchio, collocato di fronte al poggia-mento, e all’acquisizione di due immagini scout (latero-laterale e antero-posteriore) a bassa dose, è possibile avere una visuale completa del paziente, controllarne la corretta posizione e verificarne la perfetta centratura.

Excellent image quality can be ensured with very low radiated doses

VGi evo provides exclusive tools and technological solutions required to expose the patient only to the necessary dose by adapting to the clinical needs and anatomical characteristics of the area investigated.

  • ECO Scan
  • aFOV
  • SafeBeam™


Technologically advanced software for 2D and 3D imaging.

With just a few simple steps NNT can process data acquired during the scan to create a vast array of images, which provide detailed information about patient anatomy. They can subsequently be saved in a report or distributed with the Viewer version of the software. NNT also provides different application modes specifically intended for implantology, endodontics, periodontics, maxillofacial surgery and radiology.