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Versatile 2D imaging

Sharp 2D - Teleradiographic and panoramic scans

Exclusive function to create a dataset of images from Panoramic and Teleradiographic (AP, PA and LL) scans in a single examination.
Compared to the panoramic scan-like coronal reconstructions (panorex) conventionally obtained with CBCT, images produced with Sharp 2D maintain the same magnification and orthogonality ratios; hence, the same clinical evaluation principles of conventional panoramic views apply. Latero-Lateral and Antero-Posterior teleradiographic scans can be used to perform cephalometric examinations and orthodontic rehabilitation.

CineX - Dynamic Images

The innovative CineX function, which is provided with a 17 x 19 cm filming area, allows to investigate moving internal anatomical structures (e.g., swallowing, saliva ducts, TMJ disc, cervical vertebrae) by acquiring a sequence of X-rays in video format with AP, PA or LL projections. The videos obtained can then be directly consulted with the NNT software, with the NNT Viewer or exported and viewed with third party applications.