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Always ready, fast, portable

Total synergy

The X-VS means real-time diagnostics, direct USB plug-and-play connection, high definition and immediate results. The X-VS uses NNT, the all-in-one software ideal for diagnostics, communication and management of intraoral imaging: perfect for storing, managing and printing images in perfect synchronism with any other device already in the surgery.

Dual format

The X-VS is equipped with a sensor, available in two sizes - ergonomic and with smoothed edges - which adapt it to the anatomy of the patient’s oral cavity, guaranteeing outstanding positioning comfort. Reduced dimensions and a maximum active area ensure advanced X-ray diagnosis.

Five-layer sensor

Five-layer technology, for high-contrast images and precision detail. Cesium Iodide (Csl) scintillator made up of column-like micro-structures that preserve image quality; it first intercepts the X-ray beam and converts it into visible light. The fibre optics layer (Fibre Optics Plate) collimates the radiation onto the sensor and protects it against direct X-ray penetration. The third layer (CMOS HD) is the acquisition device which converts the light into a digital image with 16,384 grey levels. The fourth layer pre-processes the image and converts it into a USB signal. The last layer has a protective function.