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Giano HR

Unlimited diagnostic potential


GiANO HR is NewTom’s versatile and updatable device for all radiology-related needs. With a complete range of 2D and 3D examination options for dentistry, it offers specific multiple volumetric examinations for maxillofacial surgery, otorhinolaryngology and cervical spine examinations. Only top quality imaging with NewTom’s technology and experience.

Diagnostic images


The two Scout View images, combined with the Real Vision self-adaptive alignment technology - now also possible with cameras on-board the machine - offer the operator a guided procedure to obtain correct framing of the region of interest: the most suitable FOV can be accurately selected directly on the patient to ensure the best result for the actual anatomical area to be scanned

3 configurations to meet every clinical and diagnostic need.

NewTom is highly versatile with the choice of most suitable configuration for the diagnostic needs of the clinic or of the radiology practice.
3D Prime configuration is ideal for applications in general dentistry, implantology, endodontics, gnathology and general orthodontics.
3D Advanced configuration extends the potential to the fields of dentistry and otorhinolaryngology (ENT), including examination of upper airways. Professional 3D configuration allows access to a new dimension that includes applications for the entire dental-maxillofacial area and cervical spine.

Amazing 3D FOV examinations and 2D protocols with the highest resolution images available on the market.

GiANO HR provides a wide range of 2D and 3D examinations that are ideal for diagnoses concerning either complete or partial dentition, single dental arches and all maxillofacial regions. 3D volumes with FOV from 4 x 4 cm and 16 x 18 cm and resolution up to 68 μm, the highest resolution available on the market, allow to assess maxillary sinuses, frontal sinuses, temporomandibular joints, airways and the internal ear.

The last word in terms of 2D technology for a wide range of diagnostic applications, also with Direct Conversion Detector.

GiANO HR is an extremely versatile device that offers detailed images and dedicated protocols for adults and children, studied to reduce patient exposure based on the actual needs of the investigation. Precise assessment of unerupted teeth, including fractures and bone irregularities, dental prostheses, braces and implants. A single device designed to offer new 2D technology for several diagnostic applications: complete panoramic images both for adults and children with excellent orthogonality, high resolution images of bitewing and of dentition (either complete or in quadrants), views of temporomandibular joints (TMJ) and of maxillary sinuses.

With the Direct Conversion Detector, GiANO HR brings the most advanced technology to each dental clinic.

The direct conversion sensor can raise the bar of the already very high imaging quality of GiANO HR even further. Unlike traditional sensors, the Cadmium Telloride (Cd-Te) Direct Conversion Detector does not require the conversion of X-rays into visible light - as it is capable of sensing it directly and converting it into precise, accurate digital signals. In this way, extremely high resolution diagnostic images can be obtained at low X-rays doses, and highly detailed images can be produced even where quick scans in ECO Dose are more indicated.

Very high sensitivity 2D PAN-CEPH sensor and latest generation X-ray tube for clear and detailed examinations, now also with DCIII technology.

A cutting edge acquisition system to obtain clear and homogeneous panoramic and cephalometric images in an extremely compact device. The high sensitivity CMOS sensor and the innovative X-ray tube ensure ground-breaking image quality.

A broad range of FOVs for the best high resolution images available on the market.

GiANO HR generates volumes with a FOV range from 4 x 4 cm to 16 x 18 cm: accurate examinations for every diagnostic need. Wide choice of fields of view and execution modes for dedicated applications for endodontic, otorhinolaryngology and Head&Neck examinations, with resolution up to 68 μm, the highest resolution on the market.

Modular, updatable and technologically avant-garde: GiANO HR is the perfect solution for every diagnostic need.

The powerful high frequency generator with very small focal spot yields excellent scans and reduces patient exposure to a minimum, while ensuring rapid workflow with examinations performed at close intervals without overheating the unit.

Advanced characteristics for very high standard diagnosis.

An easy, user-friendly interface to select the most appropriate examination mode. Three pre-set investigation protocols allow to effectively identify the most suitable image acquisition mode.
ECO Scan: Mode indicated for routine examinations, such as post-surgery follow-up and macro-structural analysis.
REGULAR MODE: High resolution 3D images that are ideal for a primary diagnosis and to plan treatment.
BEST QUALITY: An exceptional level of detail for the best high resolution images available on the market without compromises.

Accurate diagnosis and the utmost care for patient health.

GiANO HR is designed for excellent comfort and safety for the patient in all situations as a result of outstanding ergonomics and very low emission times.

During the examination, the pulsed generator allows minimum patient exposure to radiations (33% - 25% of scan time).
Allows to obtain volumetric images with a rapid scan (minimum 3.6 seconds) and with a considerably reduced patient dose (minimum exposure only 0.9 seconds).
Automatically adapts the radiated dose to the patient’s build, reducing the possibility of an unnecessarily high dose.

Designed for excellent comfort and safety for the patient in all situations as a result of outstanding ergonomics.

Auto-adaptive positioning with three laser guides and 7-point head support unit make the process easy and always ensure aligned images.



The ultimate platform to acquire, process and share 2D/3D diagnostic images.

NNT is NewTom’s software that provides several dedicated application modes specifically intended for implantology, endodontics, periodontics, maxillofacial surgery and radiology. It is a powerful technologically cutting edge device designed to acquire and process images in a few simple steps to obtain the information required for specific detailed patient diagnosis. An advanced device that provides the specialist physician with dedicated tools to measure the anatomic district (distances and angles), trace the inferior alveolar nerve, and measure upper airway volume.