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Servo-controlled patient table

The fully motor-driven patient table (Patent Pending) with 215 kg load bearing capacity features an extensive travel to a lowest height of 56.5 cm ensuring easy access at all times. Extremely precise three-dimensional table movement ensures perfect patient positioning with respect to each FOV. The integration between motor-driven table and gantry facilitates the remote positioning of the pet patient and makes it possible to capture different sectors, subsequently merged by the powerful NNT software. All this without the operator having to leave their workstation.

Large gantry

The large gantry opening expands the range of diagnostic options and makes patient positioning easier for the operator. The control interface, available on the machine via the 10” touch-screen monitors and in a virtual version on the acquisition console, allows users to choose an orientation for the pet on the table. Thanks to the opening on both sides, a breathing control device can be added without limiting the operator's working space. Furthermore, the advanced (Patented) kinematic system allows full rotations to be quickly completed - resulting in much shorter examination times.

Excellent positioning

The patient must be positioned on the stretcher according to the anatomical area to be scanned or to diagnostic requirements. The user-friendly interface, available both in the acquisition station and in the 10” touch-screens, allows both the anatomical region and the pet introduction position into the gantry to be selected. The NNT software will adopt anatomical references in the images according to the position set by the operator (dorsal, ventral, lateral, cranial-caudal or caudal-cranial).